Braidfield Energy Storage Project

23rd of November

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We are looking to engage with the local community and as part of our pre-application consultation we are holding a live events on the Tuesday 23rd of November 4pm-7pm. These will enable people to find out more about the proposal and to provide us with their views. We will be hosting an online live presentation where viewers will be able to ask questions live through the website and provide comments by filling out an online comment form.

Comments made to ILI Group are not formal representations to West Dunbartonshire Council, if we submit a planning application there will be an opportunity to make formal representations on the application to West Dunbartonshire Council.
Ask us a question...
Has your company successfully completed a project anywhere else in Scotland?
You say that site chosen because of location and capacity of GSP. Have other suitable GSP been considered by your company
Greig Templeton - ILI
Hello, thank you for these questions.
Greig Templeton - ILI
I will also provide a verbal response just before the next presentation. In answer to your first question - yes
Greig Templeton - ILI
We have two sites currently in Fife that are nearing completion, and we have secured funding for 250MW worth of sites this year.
Greig Templeton - ILI
In terms of other locations, we are really directed by the grid capacity and try to get as close as possible to where the capacity and need is the greatest.
Greig Templeton - ILI
The requirement for storage projects to meet our renewable energy and net zero targets is enormous and so there will be similar projects planned across Scotland.
You detail previous Public Consultations. Which of these has progressed to full Planning Permission
Greig Templeton - ILI
Almost all of our sites that reach the stage of public consultations then go on to an application, but not all.
Will you use access road from Bridge of Weir Road adjacent to Merchiston Drive and access Road at other end of site adjacent to the gatehouses. What amount of traffic etc will use access road
Will there be any noise/hum from the storage batteries and equipmentteries
Will the project affect wi-fi connection in the area
Greig Templeton - ILI
Thank you for these excellent questions. I will answer these verbally in a few moments when the video presentation ends.
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