Restenneth Energy Storage Project

15th June 3pm-5pm
24th June 5pm-7pm
6th July 3pm-5pm

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We are looking to engage with the local community and as part of our pre-application consultation we are holding 2 live events on the Tuesday 15th of June - 3pm-5pm and Thursday 24th June 5pm-7pm. These will enable people to find out more about the proposal and to provide us with their views. We will be hosting an online live presentation where viewers will be able to ask questions live through the website and provide comments by filling out an online comment form.

Comments and feedback should be made by the 2nd of July 2021. Please use the form below or write to Grieg Templeton, Planning Project Manager via email: or by post to ILI Group, 33 Bothwell Road, Hamilton ML3 OAS.

Comments made to ILI Group are not formal representations to Angus Council, if we submit a planning application there will be an opportunity to make formal representations on the application to Angus Council.
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I appreciate the need for this facility but why does it have to be situated close to housing and not on the area behind the sub station where at least these structures are close together.
I understand the need to move away from fossil fuels and the importance of moving towards renewable energy, however I do not understand why this can't be located away from a residential area? Can it not be linked to a substation without being right next to it?
Greig Templeton ILI Group
Thank you. I will answer these questions at the end of this current presentation. If you are unable to stick around for that you could fill out the PAN questionnaire at the bottom of the page and I can send you an email with an answer. In short, we tried to get as close as possible and this is as close as we could agree with landowners. We are directly opposite the sub-station.
If the energy can be transmitted from turbines to the substation/ substation to houses, then why can't***t be transmitted to a remote battery storage location?
No that's right people don't want these constructions near their home that includes me.
In your words “people in cities and towns don’t like these” so just put them in the countryside.?
It's not just that we don't want the view of the site, we have safety concerns about it being next to our houses.
And how much this will devalue our homes
ould impact on this in construction and in future. s
A mobile phone wouldn't cause as catastrophic an explosion as a battery storage site!!
Could there be a problem with leakage
The red outline of the proposed site covers part of the Rosie road exit onto the Old Brechin road will walkers, cyclist still be able to use this footpath?
Lithium-ion batteries release toxic gases when over-heated or damaged, which can cause strong irritation to the skin, eyes and nasal passages and harm the wider environment. How can you reassure us?
Greig Templeton ILI Group
Thank you for all your questions and comments. Please do get in touch if you would like using our PAN questionnaire at the bottom of the page.
Greig Templeton ILI Group
Regards, Greig
Why can't I now access the PAN questionnaire?
Where can I find the answers to the questions asked above please?
What environmental impact assessment work will be required to support the planning application and what SEPA permits will be required, if any?
Linda Clark Forfar CC
I can't see where to log on
If you press play button where the ILI logo is the live presentation will start
Eleanor Feltham
Are the containers fire resistant and fitted with any safety alarms.?
Eleanor Feltham
Is there any specific Scotland or UKgovernment guidance regarding LI-On batteries.?
Broadleaf trees will normally drop their leaves in winter - would it not makse sense to have a mix of deciduous and broadleaf to provide a dgeree of shielding during the autumn / winter?
Instead of a 3 metre high fence, can you not excavate a metre or so down and have a 2 metre hgh fence?
Eleanor Feltham
How are the batteries disposed of at their expiry of 20 years given they are toxic.
There is an adjacent site to your own that generates enormous amounts of dust. Are you aware of the impact of dust on your site and what if anything will you need to do to reduce any risk of dust entering the battery storage units?
Will there be nay noise expected duringnormal operation of the site?
What cooling provision will you need to maintain stable battery temperature and what will the cooling carbon footprint likley be?
Its the sand and gravel site
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If you cannot see the chat box please text any questions to 07456539239

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Restenneth Energy Storage Project

Questions from the 1st Restenneth Public Event 15th June 2021 3pm to 5.30pm

We expect the built development area of compound, building, hardstanding and entrance to be around 2 acres. In addition, landscaping and rough planted area may represent the same area again. Each site is different and the exact sizes of this development is yet to be determined. The development does not fill the extents of the red line boundary on the planning drawing. The batteries themselves are enclosed in the fenced enclosure but beyond that there is an area of landscaping and an area for a sustainable drainage system (SuDS). The final site area will be noted on the planning application form when this is submitted to Planning and this will be in the public domain.

We have two projects currently under construction. These are both located in Fife and are not yet operational. This is because of the long lead in times for the battery components and the grid connection. It can sometimes be years before the connection is made and the projects are constructed to coincide with that connection. There have however been a number of battery projects developed and operational across the UK including in Scotland. 

Weed and vermin control is not usually a factor that is included in the planning applications. These developments do not produce food waste, or anything else that would attract vermin.
We are aware of another development proposed nearby. However, these two projects are entirely separate and both will be judged on their own merits by the panning authority. We have no connection to the other project, or the companies involved.
Lithium ion batteries are accepted in our homes, workplaces and in our pockets, and increasingly in cars. We cannot eliminate all risk, but it can be reduced to an acceptable level and designed to limit the consequences of an event. This facility will be a fixed installation, designed around safety. The project’s insurers will independently vet the design and operation of the facility. Batteries are transported in a discharged state. Even in the extreme conditions of a fire, it has been shown that the combustion products do not pose a risk to surrounding residents. The facility will be designed to avoid the circumstances that could lead to a fire and for a fire to be safely extinguished should one occur. Exhaustive safety reviews of other sites found a sound basis for managing and mitigating risks.

We noticed this during the presentation and the recording acknowledges this.  We have updated the website accordingly.

Yes.  These projects do not typically generate a lot of noise and Environmental Health will be consulted as part of the Planning Process. 

This will depend on the type of technology and battery supplier used.  The planning application will show a typical layout and it is likely to be a condition of planning that the final layout be approved before construction starts. There may be as many as 54 containers within the compound, but these will be screened from view by the fencing and the external landscaping.

This development will have a negligible effect on the surrounding environment. The batteries arrive in containers that can be easily removed from the site at the end of their useful life, and the other elements such as the fencing similarly have a very small impact and can easily be removed.

There are no plans to expand this development.  An increased development would initiate a different planning process, whereby an application would need to be made to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents Unit rather than the local authority, where it would follow a similar level of scrutiny before being determined by Scottish Ministers.

SEPA, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency have never objected to any of our proposed developments (sometimes subject to conditions) having concluded that the developments can operate safely.  The risk of fire is fully considered, and the operation is monitored remotely 24 hours a day. These batteries are similar to the type used in mobile phones.

Our plans do not propose any changes to Rosie Road. The layout plan is showing existing overhead lines. 

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