Whitehouse Energy Storage Project

30th of November

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We are looking to engage with the local community and as part of our pre-application consultation we are holding a live events on the Tuesday 30th of November 4pm-7pm. These will enable people to find out more about the proposal and to provide us with their views. We will be hosting an online live presentation where viewers will be able to ask questions live through the website and provide comments by filling out an online comment form.

Comments made to ILI Group are not formal representations to Renfrewshire, if we submit a planning application there will be an opportunity to make formal representations on the application to Renfrewshire Council.
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Greig Templeton - ILI
Hello, If you have joined today to participate the Braidfield Energy Storage public consultation event, welcome. I am Greig Templeton, the Planning Project Manager for Intelligent Land Investments Group.
Greig Templeton - ILI
We have made a short 10-minute presentation, recorded earlier today, that we hope will answer many of your questions about the proposed development. This presentation will be repeated at regular intervals between 16:00 and 19:00 today (23rd November 2021).
Greig Templeton - ILI
After each presentation I will be available to answer any questions you may have. Unfortunately I can not see or hear you, but you can type your answers in the comments box (just below where you are reading this message) and then hit SEND.
Greig Templeton - ILI
We would encourage you to also fill in the PAN questionnaire at the bottom of the webpage, and you can email either myself or my colleague Andrew Hughes at gt@ili-energy.com, or ah@ili-energy.com and we will try to answer these.
Greig Templeton - ILI
You may have to press the PLAY icon on the screen to the left to see the presentation. You can also rewind, or come back at a more convenient time another day. We make a recording available on the website in the days after a presentation.
Greig Templeton - ILI
If the presentation isn’t playing, don’t worry. Just come back at one of the scheduled times. Alternatively, you can rewind using the little red-line that runs across the bottom of the screen. You can also ask questions at any point and I will answer these as quickly as I can.
Greig Templeton - ILI
Hello. I can see that a visitor has joined. Please read above, and look over the information below, and I am here to answer any questions. Next presentation is at 16:45
Greig Templeton - ILI
Hello, if you have just joined- welcome
Greig Templeton - ILI
we will re-run the pre-recorded presentation at 17:15, but all of the information is available below if you would like to scroll down.
Greig Templeton - ILI
I am available if you have any questions.
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If you cannot see the chat box please text any questions to 07456539239

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