Flemyland Energy Storage Project

19th Jan 2023
Woodwynd Community Centre

26th Jan 2023

We are looking to engage with the local community and as part of our pre-application consultation we are holding a live event on the 19th of January 2023 3pm-7pm at the Woodwynd Community Centre, and an online event at this website on the 26th of January . These will enable people to find out more about the proposal and to provide us with their views.

Comments and feedback should be made by the 17th of February 2023. Please use the form below or write to Grieg Templeton, Planning Project Manager via email: gt@ili-energy.com or by post to ILI Group, 33 Bothwell Road, Hamilton ML3 OAS.

Comments made to ILI Group are not formal representations North Ayrshire Council. If we submit a planning application there will be an opportunity to make formal representations on the application to North Ayrshire Council.
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Flemyland Energy Storage Project